Do you sometimes feel like you should have learned more from "Sex and the City"? Are you a good girl... a happily married mom who runs carpool, volunteers at school, coaches sports and loves being with her husband... but needs answers to questions about how to make things better... questions about things you have always wondered about but don't want to ask... what happens on the blog stays on this blog... unless you put some advice to good use!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Underneath It All

Are you ever walking through Target and see some extremely tiny underwear on display - three strings and a triangle? Or do you wonder if anyone besides Paris Hilton and Monica Lewinsky wear thong underwear? I have always worn white, all cotton small briefs, but I recently got to thinking that maybe if there was so much tiny underwear on the market, maybe there was a reason - so I bought a package of string bikinis, a thong and a tiny g-string thong - and I have to admit that three weeks out of the month, I am now a devotee of the smaller underwear. While I will still wear my Spanx when the perfect silmming line is nececssary and one week a month the only the cotton small briefs will do, I have found that the g-string not only makes me feel more like a woman and less like a mom, it also provides the perfect coverage under my workout clothes. The thong works wonders on the panty lines and the string bikinis are just plain more comfortable.

There seems to be new lease on life from a sexy tiny pair of underwear with a matching bra - and because the buyers at your local department stores seem to be far more interested in little underwear than their customers, you can always find a red dot special on great looking stuff. So if you moms are in a rut, act like a newlywed, get some sexy underwear and see if things get better fast!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Take the Poll

Charlotteandbree seeks to be a blog where women can get the information they need to make their lives and their marriages great - and we need to know what you need to know. So take the interactive poll on the sidebar - so we'll know whether to write about birth control (if you need it), bikini waxes (how much is too much or do real girls go "all the way") or which underwear is best to feel like a comfortable goddess. If there is something else you want to hear about, just let us know!

Friday, March 11, 2005

Do you have questions you can't ask your friends?

Do you have questions you can't ask your friends? Questions about the more intimate parts of your life and how to improve it? Questions about the things you've seen on "Sex and the City" but you wonder if they exist in the red states?

Charlotte and Bree is for you.

Let's face it, when you have been married for a while and the kids are running like wild animals through your house and you find real stress in your life, you begin to long for the free and easy way things were before your life really got started. You love your husband and know that he is your soulmate and you want nothing more than to be with him for the rest of your life... and then you realize that you will never have the extreme rush of anticipation you got from those first kisses because that place in your life isn't going to come back. You can watch the last scene from "16 Candles" over and over again, but wistfully you realize that you aren't that girl any more. You've moved on to a more sophisticated part of your life... and you don't want to even think about kissing anyone else... but maintaining the magic can be one of the most challenging parts of the relationship.

Now you are dealing with more than just going to work or class, thinking about him all day and coming home to fun before dinner... there is homework before dinner so the kitchen table is already in use. You're so tired out after bedtime stories that you want nothing more than to go to sleep... and chances are that at some time in the night, one or more children have crawled into your bed. And when you can, sometimes it is hard to really relax.

So you begin to wonder... is there a better method of birth control that will let things be more spontaneous... is there something to those "fun parties" that I've heard of people having... is there a reason I need to get a good bikini wax even though I may be wearing a skirted tankini this summer... and should I get that wax in the winter? Then you think about the girlfriends you know from church and school and on one level you want to talk about things like you did when you were in high school and college... and on another level, you don't want to get into a conversation and then be in church looking around thinking "furry handcuffs" or "full brazilian".

That is what this blog is for... the good girls who want to keep things good. A realistic version of Cosmo for the married girl... a chance to have the conversation... nationwide... and still keep things relatively private. Feel free to post... learn... and share... but remember, what is said on this blog stays on this blog... so don't be asking me to clarify something in carpool line!

The Gretchen Wilson Solution

My muscles have been getting really sore lately working out at the gym trying to get ready for swimsuit weather, so I decided to get one of those electric massagers at Wal-Mart the other day. I have never owned one but I started thinking of how good the chairs at the pedicure place feel It was a $9.95 Conair model with 5 attachments for different muscle groups. Well, it definately made my back and arms feel much better... then I started thinking - for the first time in my life - that maybe this was what they were talking about on "Sex and the City" when they talked about "goodvibes" (we are going to use euphamisms on this site, OK). Long story short, it was. Where was this when I was 15... how had I missed this all of my life thusfar? This was not an icky thing at all... and best of all, like Gretchen Wilson says "I can get the same damn thing at the Wal-Mart for half price".

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